EU BIM Task Group announces launch date for handbook

The introduction of Building Information Modelling (BIM) represents the construction sector’s moment of digitalisation. It is undisputed that the wider use of technology, digital processes, automation and higher-skilled workers contribute greatly to our economic, social and environmental future.

Brussels, 6th July: The EU BIM Task Group will launch their “Handbook for the Introduction of Building Information Modelling by the European Public Sector”.

This handbook gathers the collective experience of public policy makers, public estate owners and infrastructure operators from over twenty European countries to make recommendations to these questions:

  • Why have governments taken action to support and encourage BIM?
  • What benefits can be expected?
  • How can governments and public clients provide leadership and work together with industry?
  • Why is public leadership and European alignment critical?
  • What is BIM? And what is the common European definition?

The handbook aims to create alignment across the public and private sector for the introduction of BIM to Europe in order to stimulate growth and create open markets.

EU BIM Task Group representatives will be attending the European Commission’s construction conference “Let’s build changes!’ in Brussels on 6th July to launch the handbook.

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