5th National BIM Conference in Slovakia

There is a growing interest for BIM in Slovakia today. In that context, the 5th National BIM Conference was organized by the BIM Association Slovakia in cooperation with the JAGA Publishing House on October 17, 2019 in Bratislava, with more than 350 attendants.

The event auspices were held this year not only by the Minister of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic – Árpád Érsek, but also by the Mayor of Bratislava – Matúš Vallo and also the Mayor of Bratislava’s Old Town – Zuzana Aufrichtová.

A total of 16 lecturers (10 from Slovakia, 6 from abroad) presented in the main conference hall, focusing on various topics in the field of buildings and civil engineering works.

This part of the conference was opened by the keynote speaker – Dr. Souheil Soubra, Chair of the EU BIM Task Group, who approached the vision of applying building information modeling in Europe, primarily in the public sector. It is anticipated that the digitization of construction could bring about 15-25% savings for the global infrastructure market by 2025, which represents a huge potential for contracting authorities to achieve savings through BIM not only by reducing construction and operating costs, but also by acquiring social and environmental benefits.

When discussing the incentive factors of BIM implementation, most respondents stated that investors have a significant impact on the use of building information modeling in practice. In that context a Round table discussion was organised where important developers and investors discussed how they see the future of BIM in Slovakia.

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